4 Important Tips for Power Outage – Stay Safe and Secure When the Power is Out

power outage

I want to talk about something that doesn’t happen often, but when it does it is not only a nuisance to deal with but a potentially dangerous situation. I’m talking about a power outage. Whether it’s brought on as a result of earthquake, weather, or maybe your family member overloaded your fuse box, it’s safe to say we all hate dealing with a power outage.

Here are some important things to remember when the power goes out at your home.

1. Put together an emergency kit- Have some practical items on hand and make sure they can last for at least 72 hours. Be sure to have a flashlight; batteries; a portable radio; at least 1 gallon of water per person per day; non-perishable foods, an extra set of clothes and some durable shoes. Remember to pack a first aid kit with any medication your family may be dependent upon.

2. Steer clear of carbon-monoxide poisoning- Be cautious about how you heat your home in a power outage. Hundreds of Dallas residents have become sickened or killed by carbon monoxide when they were exposed to the odorless fumes because they operated charcoal grills, camping stoves or generators inside their dark, cold homes.

3. Avoid electrocution- If you are not a trained electrician, don’t try to be one. Exposed cables, electrical outlets and plugs, downed power lines outside are all extremely dangerous. Be sure to keep your family and pets away from these objects.

4. Have a battery backup for your home security system- Burglars see opportunities after natural disasters to target homes they otherwise would be more cautious to approach. Protectus Security services have you covered in case of a power outage: the security system’s power failure backup system has a 3 hour battery power to keep your home security system up and running when the power is knocked out. Giving you time to get home and be sure that it is secure.

We can’t necessarily predict power outages, but using these tips can better prepare us for when it does happen.

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  1. RICHARDSD says:

    Hey I just found your blog and I must admit that I’ve been reading for the last ten minute. Nice blog, like it..

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